Hip Hinge


When we talk of the hip hinge being an important part of dead lifting, squatting, and jumping (we could also add lunging as a variation of squatting), we don’t just mean in the gym, or on the athletic field.

We use forms of dead lifting, squatting, and jumping in everyday life, whether it is picking up a child, carrying a suitcase, taking out the garbage, gardening, playing a pickup game of basketball or hopping and skipping to avoid a fall. It is important to have the hip hinge firmly established in your brain as a go to pattern. For this reason it is important to train it both for quality (how good is the movement) as well as a quantity (how strong, how long, and how fast you can do it).

Appropriate selection of exercises, as well as loading  of exercises that use the hip hinge will enable you to be ready to do activities in life that are important to you.